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The temples of odisha, dating from the 8th to about midth century, provide a study in one of the earliest movements in the indoaryan style of architecture. One of the main attractions of this temple is the 24 wheels which are carved around the base of the temple. These wheels are located in both north and south sides of the. The most famous tourist spots in orissa are konark sun temple, chandipur beach and puri. Sun temple introduction konark sun temple is build in thcentury ce at konark in odisha, india. Temples as free standing structures came to orissa after the gupta period through dakshina. The main style of hindu temple architecture in india had its modest beginning precisely from the mauryan rule i. A parallel development to the orissa temple, took place in the central india during the 9. Orissan temple architecture odisha government portal. Choose from over a million free vectors, clipart graphics, vector art images, design templates, and illustrations created by artists worldwide. Early medieval indian history spanning between eighth to thirteenth century a. So in india, odisha with its fascinating series of temples, form an exciting area to study the evolution of temple architecture.

Temples as free standing structures came from 7th to th century a. It is a holy structure built in the 12th century a. The architects perceived the temple in the form of a human male figure or purusha. Pdf there are so many studies and analysis has done on orissan temple architecture but still some parts. Supporting elements the hindu temple consists of tall, slender, freestanding. Plate7 free standing elephant in the northern courtyard of the sun temple, konarka, orissa, th century a. In this context the indian hindu temple architecture are not only the abode of.

Orissa jagannath temple has been built magnificently. It is dotted with several important rockcut and freestanding structural temples mostly made in the seventh and eighth. As the orissan hindu temple architecture has been classified into four major phases, the formative. Like human physical divisions of leg, thigh, waist, chest, neck and head the temple had similar shapes and structures. Before gupta period there was no free standing hindu temple found. Builtin the 10 th century, mukteswar temple belongs to the somavamshi dynasty and is believed to be sculpted by yayatii. Ko nark sun temple was constructed in the thirteenth century and is at a high of 30 meters. For centuries now, the orissan golden triangle of bhubaneswarpurikonark has retained a vintage point on indias pilgrimage circuit for their devotional as well as architectural background. Pdf orissan temple assessment through geometry researchgate. A shape and geometrical analysis of orissan hindu temple architecture through dimensional analysis has been carried out to know the evolution process of orissan temple architecture.

Pdf temples of odisha the geometry of plan form ijirst. Bhubaneswar in orissa 8th century, are monuments to this exciting era of temple architecture in india. Each wheel is of about 10 feet in diameter with a set of spokes and elaborate carvings. Pdf building science of indian temple architecture shilpa. Pdf building science of indian temple architecture researchgate. Doc evolution of temple architecture in orissa laxmi. Orissa jagannath temple is one of the most wellknown temples situated centrally in puri. The vimana or the main temple of orissa is always of rekha designs with the following special features such as. Elephants in art, architecture and history of orissa. The land odisha is known for its temple architecture which is different from other style of. Mukteshvara temple also emerged as a popular religious tourist attraction in odisha for its architecture which symbolizes the innovation in kalinga style of architecture. The antiquity of orissa is endorsed by her temple architecture which is as sublim as it is aesthetically innervating. Temples as free standing structures came to orissa after the gupta period, through dakshina kosala.

Evolution of kalingan style of temple social research foundation. The construction of this temple is a masterpiece of orissa s medieval architecture. The hindu hegemony of bhaumakaras, somavamsis and gangas inspired the orissan architects to carry on the spirit of creating their own style of architectural temple representations without any islamic or persian influence. In bhubaneswar, several sanctuaries were erected so that taken together they form a city of temples. The hindu temple consists of tall, slender, freestanding, beam. Orissa temple architecture odisha government portal. The style of temple architecture that became popular in.

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