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Derogatory definition in the cambridge english dictionary. What does the racial term cracker mean and how did the. Lets examine miz crackers drag name and whether its a. With a single phrase, rachel jeantel, that friend of trayvon martins, may have lit a fuse in the trial of his accused killer. Especially since any word can be a derogatory term if you put the right emphasis on it. What does cracker mean definition of cracker word finder. Cracker state definition, georgia used as a nickname.

When modern civilization collapses, the florida cracker. Derogatory comments take many forms, and have an impact on selfconcept and the wellbeing of the recipient. Trayvon martins friend said he described george zimmerman as a creepyass cracker. Synonyms for cracker at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. By the early 20th century, the once primarily derogatory term evolved. It turned out, in fact, to be a cracker of a show to cheer up the punters on a showery and cold earlymarch night. Yet another theory maintains that the term cracker was in use in elizabethan times to describe braggarts see crack to boast. Derived from gham or ham referring to ham in the old testament. Mitiori sensu, in auditors persons who are authorized to conduct an audit, an examination of financial statements, records and liberty of speech the right given by the constitution and the laws to public support in speaking facts slander defamation that is oral or spoken. Cracker means something entirely different in florida. The opposite is true, it is an often used term of ethnic selfdescription and is a source of pride. If you would like to suggest a term or an update to an existing one.

Use of the word in this sense often implies that the poor white person is regarded as bigoted, ignorant, or the like. A saltine is a type of cracker, and cracker is another derogatory term for a white person. Theres no dehumanizing context or definition behind it. Derogatory definition is expressive of a low opinion.

Information on a persons credit report that can be legally used to turn down a loan application. A term in southeastern united states english to describe poor white trash, derived from the scottish meaning of the verb to crack, which, in this sense. The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the slangit team. He also explained that although the term is derogatory in much of the country, in florida, its a source of pride. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the.

Back in the 1700s, cracker was a derogatory term used by american whites to describe poor southerners of their own race. Where does the term cracker come from, and how disparaging is it. All of our slang term and phrase definitions are made possible by our wonderful visitors. Derogatory definition and meaning collins english dictionary.

For the record, cracker is not considered derogatory among the crackers living in the south today. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. What is the origin of the slang word cracker answers. What does cracker factory mean in urban dictionary. Cracker conveys history of bigotry that still resonates cnn. In fact, unless you go looking for the context i doubt it is likely to ever really make sense. Cracker definition of cracker by the free dictionary. Derogatory definition of derogatory by merriamwebster. A term in southeastern united states english to describe poor white trash, derived from the scottish meaning of the verb to crack, which, in this sense denotes ostentation.

This page explains what the slang term cracker means. Today the term has since evolved into a derogatory meaning white person. It is used with disparaging intent and is perceived as insulting. Although originally a classist term, meaning the same as poor white trash, it has evolved through usage to be a derogatory term for someone considered a w. In reference to a native of florida or georgia, however, it is sometimes used in a neutral or positive context or selfdescriptively with pride see florida cracker and georgia. It is a reference to the children of noahs son ham who were illegitimate and cursed into slavery by god. It is certainly not associated with the derogatory term crackernonetheless it probably is related to the phrase going crackers. However, in relation to the cracker bit though, well i think it is a pretty poor insult even with the context. I should explain to your lordship what is meant by crackers. Unfortunately in todays society anyone who voices this opinion is automatically branded the racist. Where does the term cracker come from, and how disparaging. Cracker is not a derogatory term for white people and you cant equate it to nigger. A florida cracker usually has a rural upbringing, either on a farm or in a small town with plenty of woods and water for hunting and fishing and land for planting. They seem to think it is a derogatory term which undermines the dignity of their ancient and prestigious post.

Trayvon martins use of the term cracker doesnt make him a racist. An early reference that supports this sense is a letter dated june 27, 1766 from gavin cochrane to the earl of dartmouth. Cracker is not a derogatory term for white people and you. From cambridge english corpus however, 91 of the 297 inspected women were called kvinnspersoner a derogatory term for a woman at the time. Crackerbarrel 1861 barrel full of sodacrackers for sale was such a common feature of old country stores that the phrase came to be used by 1905 as an adjective, emblematic of downhome ways and views. Definition of derogatory from the collins english dictionary. Its a racial slur nowadays because word meanings and usages change and evolve over time. I dont know how it started but i think it started in georgia during the civil war probably had something to do with hard tack, a cracker eaten by civil war white soldiers. Since then, its meaning has become more generalized and it is often used by blacks to describe whites. Cracker, sometimes white cracker or cracka, is a racial slur used against white people, used especially against poor rural whites in the southern united states.

Cracker conveys history of bigotry that still resonates. Thats because a florida cracker is self sufficient. Definition 4 is used as a neutral nickname or term of selfreference. The term is, indeed, a somewhat derogatory term for white people. I was called a cracker by an african american woman, while i was working with my african american friend. Information and translations of derogatory in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Yet another theory maintains that the term cracker was in use in elizabethan times to describe braggarts see crack to. Oh, i have a cracker of a photo of the two of us after a massive goodbye cry, when i left australia 10 years ago. It is sometimes used in a neutral context in reference to a native of florida or georgia see florida cracker and georgia cracker. Here in the midwest i know the term as derogatory to white people from african americans. Another theory asserts that it was applied due to georgia and florida settlers florida crackers who cracked loud whips to drive herds of cattle, or, alternatively, from the whip cracking of plantation slave drivers. The term cracker can certainly be a racist insult since racism is literally defined as prejudice against people of other races or believing a particular race is superior to another. In fact, the wikipedia entry for cracker pejorative even notes the. Confusion about the definition of the uncertainty principle.

Derogatory definition of derogatory by the free dictionary. Thus, if a black person says calls a white person cracker, it assumes the black speaker has superiority over an inferior white person. Code switch where does the slur cracker come from, anyway. There are several hypotheses as to the origin of the term cracker, and. At the merciful close of key prosecution witness rachel jeantels testimony in the trial of george zimmerman for the murder of trayvon martin. Cracker, sometimes white cracker or cracka, is a usually derogatory andor offensive term for white people, especially poor rural whites in the southern united states. The term cracker factory was in usage by world war ii, but is most likely older.

Yours is the second letter ive gotten recently on the subject of racial insults. It was the english who had originally bestowed the word cracker as a derogatory term, so the name stuck to the celtic settlers in those earlier, english controlled colonial societies. Hackers, themselves, maintain that the proper term for such individuals is cracker. The pejorative sense of hacker is becoming more prominent largely because the popular press has adopted the term to refer to individuals who gain unauthorized access to computer systems for the purpose of stealing and corrupting data.

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